Saturday Profit Share Partners …

Another way the Community Thrift Shop helps our area is by profit sharing with other non-profits.

We currently have five community group partners;

For more information about each group, click their individual page under Community Group Partners.

Requirements for Community Group Partners:
  • Must be a non-profit organization
  • Provide a copy of Form W-9 (tax ID #)
  • Provide a copy of determination letter from IRS
  • Work one Saturday per month
  • Provide four people to work each shift (morning and afternoon)
  • All workers must be able to physically accomplish all job tasks
  • If possible, assign one person who can come for 3 consecutive months (this decreases the continual need for training)
  • Minimum age is 16 and must have an adult partner to work with them
  • At age 17: may work as an individual without adult  partner
LakeView Foundation agrees to:
  • Pay profit sharing at 40% of net sales for each day worked (daily sales before sales tax) up to a cap of $400 per day worked.
  • Profit sharing check will be issued at the end of the each calendar quarter

For more information on Community Group partners please call our shop, or fill out the form on the For More Information page.

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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