Recycle – Repurpose…

We believe in second chances!

We are proud of the recycling role our shop has played over the past 3 years and are passionate about helping people and the planet. Hundreds of items are sorted, priced, recycled or placed into storage by the production team in our back rooms on a daily basis.

Donations of the following items may be recycled and or re-purposed by dropping them off anytime that the shop is open.

We will resell – repurpose
• Men’s, women’s, children’s clothing
• Housewares
• Small appliances
• Books
• Puzzles and games
• Linens
• Furniture

We recycle
• Electronics and appliances – We are a collection site for the Van Buren Conservation District (some items may require payment for recycling)
• Plastic and paper shopping bags
• Ink and Toner cartridges
• Scrap metal – We collect steel, iron, aluminum, electrical wiring, old Christmas light strings
• Cell phones – We are a collection site for Cell Phones for Soldiers, or Cell Phones for Domestic Violence
• Eye glasses – We are a collection site for the Lion’s Club
• Anything we can!

 If we all work together we can reduce our carbon footprint!

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