Our History

Leanne Fader spearheaded the new thrift shop idea for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.  Her dedication to helping the community and spirited personality helped everything move along very quickly.

We had lots of help renovating the building and gathering fixtures for our new shop…….click on each photo for more information.

The Community Thrift Shop opened under the direction of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan on November 17, 2009.  We used every bit of floor space and our original layout was a bit crowded.  Our customers did not mind and always gave us compliments and told us how much they loved to shop at our place.  Here are some photos showing how our shop looked during our first days….

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Here are two articles about the new endeavor….

2009 Hospice to open Thrift Shop 2009 11 Hospice opens Thrift Shop

And a couple about the prosperous first year

2011 Hospice News Thrift Shops First Year Article 2010 11 Hospice Thrift Shop prospers

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