LakeView Foundation 2013 Scholarship Recipients announced! $92,000 awarded to local students!

 46 scholarships for a total of $92,000 were awarded to students going into the health care field.  Some to be pharmacists, some doctors, some nurses, some physical therapists and one to be a diagnostic medical sonographer!

Congratulations to the recipients and to LakeView Foundation and their volunteers for making a huge contribution to our community!

The following 46 students each received a $2000 scholarship from Lakeview Foundation.  Some are recent high school graduates receiving their first Lakeview scholarship and some are area students that are elligible for repeating scholarships.

Clare Banonis Paw Paw Physician Assistant
Nicholas Beam Paw Paw Pre- Medicine
Katelyn Beam Paw Paw Physical Therapist
Anna Berglund Mattawan Nursing
Emily Carey Kalamazoo Community Health Education
Rachel Carpp Lawrence Biology
Dustin Carr Bangor Pharmacy
Shelby Chopp Lawton Pharmacy
Skyler Chopp Lawton Health care systems admin.
Austin Collison Mattawan Pre-Medicine
Courtney Compagner Mattawan Psychology
Kaleigh Davies Paw Paw Pre-Medicine
Kayla DePierre Paw Paw Dietician
Dylan DeVall Paw Paw Pharmacy
Alexis Dietz Lawton Nursing
Chathlyn Fleetwood Bloomingdale Nursing
Brianna Fouty Mattawan Nursing
Ashley Giuzio Gobles Occupational Therapy
Abbie Goldberg Paw Paw Diagnostic Sonongraphy
Adrian Gutierrez Hartford Nursing
Ashley Hammel Decatur Nursing
Rochelle Harmon Paw Paw Pharmacy
Rachel Heib Lawton Pediatric Nursing
Clayton James Blacksburg Doctor of Osteopathy
Taylor Jones Paw Paw Nursing
David LeRoy Paw Paw Pre-Medicine
Katherine McCaw Mattawan Nursing
Katherine Miller Rochester MD
Jessica Molenda Allegan Nursing
Jena Nielsen Paw Paw Pharmacy
Khrystyne Noeldner Paw Paw Pharmacy
Angel Page Bloomingdale Occupational Therapy
Stacia Peterson Bloomingdale Nursing
Samantha Pursley Mattawan Pre-Medicine

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