Contest! What is it?

Win a $5 gift card to our shop!

Be the first person to tell us what the following item is and you will receive a $5 gift card to spend at our shop!


It is light weight metal and has a clamp.  There is a wing nut that allows the ridged post to swivel around and be tightened at any position.

What is it contest

Put your thinking caps on!  Leave a reply and post a comment at the bottom of any page on our site.

Contest is for customers only.  Our staff members are not able to participate.

7 thoughts on “Contest! What is it?

  1. From our Fabulous Facebook Followers!

    Laurie Putnam an old juicer
    January 21 at 4:52pm

    Barb Rome I believe that is a mannequin stand for learning to cut hair
    January 21 at 5:56pm

    Emily Horton Clamp
    Yesterday at 6:16am

    Lenora Jean Johnson Huston My husband said it is a reamer used when you cut a pipe. The clamp, clamps it to your table to keep it in place while in use
    23 hours ago


  2. And the WINNER is………..Barb Rome!
    It is a clamp/stand for a mannequin head.

    Your $5 gift card will be available for you to pick up anytime today through February 28.

    Congratulations Barb!

    Thanks to everyone for participating!


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