In today’s hectic world, we don’t always say “thank you” enough. But it’s important for us to acknowledge that our community mission would be much harder to achieve without the assistance of our many volunteers.

Volunteering is a choice — a noble choice — that these exceptional men and women have made on behalf of our organization. And so at this time of year, we’re proud to recognize our volunteers’ role in all that we accomplish at our shop.

We thank our volunteers for their service and selfless dedication to the thrift shop and to Lakeview Foundation’s mission to provide scholarships to local medical students.

Over the past year the following people have generously given the gift of their time. If you know someone on the list, we encourage you to thank them for their significant contribution to our community.

Connie Ashcraft, Tony Bentley, Paula Boodt, Marge Bouse, Sally Brinkman, Edrie Britten, Judy Butler, Penny Chaloupka, Beverly Chamberlain, Kerry Cochran, Dorothy Dietz, Ginny Drogula, Brenda Elmore, Carole Erickson, Al Fader, Leanne Fader, Pat Garod, Pam Gehl, Jacquie Groenland, Bill Harris, Kathy Hobbs, Morene Huggett, John Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Paul Knudstrup, Sue Knudstrup, Mary Kohn, Marlene Lake, Mike Lake, Karen Lambert, Eunice Luke, Bev Mroczek, Jill Muir, Sue Mullard, Curt Newhouse, Deb Newhouse, Peggy Niemann, Cathy Paluch, Mary Peoples, Phyllis Peterson, Diane Pietrowski, Chris Pomeroy, Marcia Potter, Wayne Potter, Sally Quan, Rudy Reyna, Mary Roseboom, Joanne Rossman, Barb Sampsell, Gary Sampsell, Sally Schiele, Rich Schiele, Cheryl Shaw, Keith Shaw, Carol Sjoquist, Darlene Spalo, Audrey Spencer, Shirley Stewart, Connie Talsma, Carol Tedrow, Nancy Terry, Marcia Williams, Darlene Wilson, Barb Wright, Mary Lou Wright, Garry Yack

We would also like to thank Julie Gromek and Lakeview Foundation board members Eric Larcenese and Pam Gehl for their vital support.

As we observe National Volunteer Week (April 6- 12), The Community Thrift Shop would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers for all they do to serve our community.

Sue Harris, Mary Bentley, Community Thrift Shop managers

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