What progress!

Thought I would give you a little recap……

The first couple of weeks of 2015 was a busy time for the thrift shop.  We had dedicated people working on both ends.

At the old shop we broke down and moved pallet racks, shelving, and toy cubbies. The staff kept the place running and managed to keep the shop looking “ok” even with the missing shelving.  They set up a huge book sale to so we would not have to move them to the new place.  The work area was a “destruction zone” without the racks for organization.  Our people  took charge and were able to clean, price and pack merchandise into a large trailer to await transport to the new shop.

Between December 26 and January 6 the new place was a flurry of activity.  We began the transformation of our new surroundings the day after Christmas.  Our hard working crew made over the warehouse area of the old Gene Moon building.

10 foot tall shelving was assembled and installed to divide the warehouse allowing a portion of it to be used for retail.  Sheets of OSB board was painted and attached to one side of the shelving to create a wall.  The guys were extremely patient as the shelves first faced one way and then the other.  Then the whole wall was adjusted a couple of feet to the left, then a few inches to the right, then back and forth until it was just right!

Everyone pitched in when the white paint seemed a bit blah, we repainted everything to give the space a more comfortable homey feel.  All of the newly built walls were trimmed out and this really did finish the area.

We worked around tons of dusty, dirty construction and water plant stuff and had to shift it here and there as we progressed through the renovation.  The floors were scrubbed.  The remaining walls were painted.

Assorted items were cleaned, repaired, and cobbled.  They were then set up so this newly formed area could be divided to create our “rooms” where we will sell the appropriate merchandise.  We have a living room, bedroom, office area, kitchen, garage, toy and craft spot.  All of this space had previously been an open warehouse.

In the clothing areas of the shop, other projects were completed including custom shoe shelves and  child play area.  A beautiful checkout counter was made from two very large shelf units.  Display pieces were fashioned from items that we had used at our old shop or were in our storage.  Clothing floor racks were moved into the shop and the wall rack system was installed.

The work room was set up with 3 sets of double tables for our staff to finally be able to spread out as they process merchandise.  Slat wall was put up and shelving was brought in for sorting and storing.  Tons of “stuff” has been moved from the old place and is now sorted and placed in a convenient location.

In 12 days time, all of this was completed,  the old shop was still open and many other tasks were accomplished.

Then our very first trailer load of items were delivered on January 6.  We all celebrated because now the move was really happening.  It was a wonderful feeling, but best of all was the bond that was created between all of the people who were involved.  It was a flurry of activity in a very short time frame, it was bone breaking,  dirty work,  but our “work team” at both locations bonded while forming good memories and a new appreciation for each other as we completed each task together.

Now our old place is closed and our wonderful staff is working hard at our new shop putting on the finishing touches and filling all racks and shelves so we will be ready to open our doors on March 1st.

Don’t forget!  Sunday, March 1st, 12 noon to 5 p.m.

Opening Celebration to include…the best buys on earth!  We also have someone planning music, door prizes, silent auction, food and beverage!  You don’t want to miss it!

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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