We have the very best staff in the world!

We wish to thank our volunteer staff for their hard work, dedication!  Our volunteers are true assests to Lakeview Foundation and our Thrift Shop.  Our community as a whole is a better place because of them.

Many thanks go out to the following staff members who recorded over 8000 hours of volunteer service in 2014:

Jim Alden, Connie Ashcraft, Tony Bentley, Marj Bouse, Sally Brinkman, Edrie Britten, Judy Butler, Penny Chaloupka, Kerry Cochran, Deanne Crane, Dorothy Dietz, Ginny Drogula, Brenda Elmore, Carole Erickson, Al Fader, Leanne Fader, Yvonne Ferrara, Pat Garrod, Pam Gehl, Jacqui Groenland, Bill Harris, Randy Hay, Ginger Helton, Kathy Hobbs, Morene Huggett, Sue Knudstrup, Lisa Johnson, Mary Kohn, Marlene Lake, Mike Lake, Eunice Luke, Sue Martin, Bev Mroczek, Jill Muir, Sue Mullard, Curt Newhouse, Deb Newhouse, Peggy Niemann, Cathy Paluch, Mary Peoples, Phyllis Peterson, Diane Pietrowski, Chris Pomeroy, Russ Pomeroy, Marcia Potter, Wayne Potter, Sally Quan, Rudy Reyna, Joanne Rossman, Barb Sampsell, Gary Sampsell, Rich Schiele, Sally Schiele, Bruce Shannon, Cheryl Shaw, Keith Shaw, Carol Sjoquist, Darlene Spalo, Audrey Spencer, Shirley Stewart, Connie Talsma, Carol Tedro, Nancy Terry, Tonda Warner, Marcia Williams, Darlene Wilson, Barb Wright, Mary Lou Wright, Garry Yack.
Additionally, the following people donated many hours that went unrecorded as many people came in to help when our new shop was being prepared and then moved: Joe Ferrara, Bill Markovich, Fred Martin, Judy Versaille, Mike Versaille, Lyle Huggett, Justin Warner, Freshwater Church H20 and Tidal Wave Youth Group

If you would like information about volunteering opportunities at Community Thrift Shop, including positions for  Cashier, Cashier Assistant, Customer Service, Donation Receiving, Donation Processing, Retail Staging. Please call 657-4186.

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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