Donate your old cell phones!


Community Thrift Shop customers can provide a lifeline to our US Military and help our troops call home by donating gently used cell phones.
We are a collection site for Decatur’s VFW Post 6248 who partners with the Cell Phones For Soldiers Project.
Cell Phones For Soldiers is a national non-profit founded in 2004 that reconditions or recycles used cell phones. Since its inception more than 11.7 million phones have been recycled or repurposed.  Funds raised from the recycling of cellular phones are used to purchase prepaid international calling cards.  On average, Cell Phones For Soldiers distributes 1500 calling cards each week to VA hospitals and military bases, and 216 million minutes of free talk time have been provided to servicemen and women stationed around the world.  
The Community Thrift Shop is very proud to be a part of this program and encourage our customers to drop off their used cell phones so we can help our Troops and Veterans.

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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