Make Your Purchase Matter Sale!

March 20 – March 25

 The more you give…..the more you get off your total purchase!


Eleanor’s Pantry doesn’t just need food.

There is also a need for non-food items such as:

Feminine hygiene products
Toothpaste (not brushes)
Bar soap
Disposable razors
Baby wipes 
Dish detergent
Toilet Cleaner
Clorox wipes
Cleaners with bleach

Bring in non-food items to be donated to Eleanor’s Pantry and receive 10% to 30% off your total purchase The more you give…..the more you get!

1 item = 10% off your total purchase

2 items = 20% off your total purchase

3+ items = 30% off all your total purchase

Cannot be combined with any other offer

 Visit for a list of all pantry needs.

Community Thrift Shop

Monday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, debit cards, checks, and good old fashioned cash!

Children are always welcome to take a free book from our Treasure Chest!

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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