We want to TACO ‘bout how AWESOME our volunteers are!

Our community is a better place because of our devoted volunteers at and we would like to thank them for all of their hard work!

During 2016 our volunteers provided close to 17,000 priceless hours as they processed incoming donations, sorted and prepared merchandise, made pickups, delivered items or cashiered.  Our staff’s dedicated effort helped the Lakeview Foundation award scholarships totaling 142,000 to 61 local students who are working towards a medical degree.

In addition to providing funds for scholarships, our staff has contributed to a better community in many other ways. Some of the organizations that benefit from thrift shop assistance: Eleanor’s Pantry, Wings of God, Van Buren Mental Health, Van Buren Department of Health and Human Services, Van Buren Senior Services, Lakeview Women’s Auxiliary, Kiwanis of Paw Paw and many more.

The Community Thrift Shop also takes pride in their effort to keep our community clean as our volunteers recycle many items such as cardboard, metal, electronics, books and textiles.

Along with honoring our thrift shop staff, we would like to thank anyone who has given their time to help the shop in other ways such as Amanda Carlson, Ryan Turtle, Nancy Fusco and Lakeview Foundation Board members John H. Tapper, Mary Ann Middaugh, Eric Larcinese, Rodney Dragicevich, Pam Gehl; Molly Petersen; Kirk Richardson; Kelly Page; Terry Morrow; and Dave Bogan.

We have chosen TACO’s as our theme for National Volunteer Week of April 23 – 29. Please stop into the Community Thrift Shop to see our banner of appreciation and a list of all our “spicy” volunteers!

We have many volunteer opportunities for anyone age 17 or older. It is an ideal way for a person to give back to our community.  High school students could get some job training or log some community service time for future a college application or resume.  We are especially in need of men and have open cashier positions.  Interested persons should stop into the Community Thrift Shop at 1000 E. Michigan Avenue, Paw Paw or call 269-657-4186. 


We would love to hear from you. Please leave a reply here.

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